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You have a website that needs to be built in Craft with modern standards. I can help you with that.

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World-Class Standards

No outsourcing here—every line of code is personally written by me. Stored using git repositories, everything I write is available for you to review, ask questions, & and learn more about building solid, scalable Craft websites.
Rock-Solid Version Control

While I'm working on your project, every line I write is stored with Git in 3 different locations, 2 different storage types, and even 1 copy stored offsite.

Standards-Based Code

Any maintainable codebase should have a coding standard. I'll write with your company's standards. If you don't have one, I'd be glad to help you create it.

The DRY Approach

Building sites isn't just about getting it done & out the door—using DRY principles, I'll give you a cleanly maintainable codebase that your developers can quickly update to get things done.

Consistent Progress

The most accurate measure of progress is completed, functional code. You'll see what I'm working on every day. Got a question about something you saw in my code? Let's talk about it.

Solid Best Practices
Documentation is critical to reduce future maintenance time & make features easier & faster to build then deploy. All of my code has documentation where needed, and follows a rigid, process-enforced standard. Here's an example of what my average code looks like. (This is pulled from one of my recent Craft plugins):
The Right Experience
I've built efficient, scalable websites with some of the most popular CMSes out there, including ExpressionEngine and Craft. I have experience in many of the languages and techniques developers use daily:
  • Git
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Native Javascript
  • CSS Preprocessing
  • eCommerce
  • GitFlow
  • Atomic CSS
  • HTML5 Standards
  • Development Consulting
  • Content Management
  • Client Training
  • Beanstalk
Let's Get Started
I'm available by email anytime at hello@taylordaughtry.com. Fill out the form below, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours on any business day. You can also reach me at 1-334-672-0290.
Project Standards

Due to the number of requests received, I accept projects with a budget that allows me to build your site as effectively as possible. Unfortunately, that means I can't accept projects with a budget of less than $2,500.


In most cases I need a minimum of 1 month to build your site properly. If you'd like rush work, please let me know as soon as possible, and let's talk about it.